Even before I became a Hippie in the early 70's
in southwest Germany I wanted to become an
artist - since I always loved to paint and draw.
Simultaneously with my love for art, my dislike
for the 'art market' did grow.

Styles popular by then I did not want to paint
- and styles I painted nobody wanted to see.
Nevertheless I kept painting and earned the
little money I needed by working as a lumber-
jack, a gravedigger, or in governmental Culture
archives. I studied with my artist friends,
in art galleries worldwide, in nature,
with sex drugs and Rock 'n Roll.


Out of the blue I didn´t have the slightest longing
of trying to be somebody special anymore -
therefore I completely stopped doing traditional
artwork for almost 20 years.

By then I enjoyed having a decent livelihood
as a freelance graphic and product designer,
leading a small but fine studio and enjoying
even more my still not-being-dependent-and
influenced by the 'ins-and-outs' of the